Improving Productivity during lockdown

Improving Productivity during lockdown

Most of us are having some extra time as we are not wasting our time and energy in traffic jams because most of us are working from home. Most of the population are not doing anything serious except worrrying about the future.

Lets try to use this situation to do something productive for the future. I was a person who had postponed many things as I did not have quality time

Are you having some extra time because you are not going to your office or work, so you are not driving and spending hours in traffic jams. May be you are working from home and definintly you have more time and you might be.

joined a course for Health and fitness and got certified. The goal is not to just get certified, but to learn something new which would help me in widening my knowledge.

There are many ways that you can use the current situation to improve your productivity and some value to your life.